Logistic company VESTA provides a range of services on processing and transportation of agricultural products from the manufacturer to the place of processing or handling. The Central office of LLC “VAT” responsible for this business, is located in Voronezh, and our employees work in many areas of Central Chernozem region, Volga region and the Krasnodar territory.

There are more than 1,000 specialized Board of KAMAZ vehicles, grain and beet harvesters, as well as beetloaders-cleaners leading world manufacturers: NEW HOLLAND, LAVERDA, HOLMER, ROPA in managed park of the company.

We offer complete solutions for harvesting grain, oilseeds (including rape), leguminous plants, sugar-beet crops to the extent agreed in the contract, including transportation from the fields to the elevator, sugar plant, as well as from the elevator to the port.

One of the main competitive advantages of VESTA is the possibility of providing equipment in several areas and regions at the same time.