Road transportation is the fastest, most cost-efficient and convenient method of transporting goods. Our dedicated fleet provides a comprehensive range of services in the following areas. Logistic company Vesta delivers On Time Every Time. Our specialist fleet and approved network of partners are proud to meet and exceed your expectations. All cargo which we carry is subject to constant satellite monitoring. Our state-of-the-art tracking system allows you to know where your goods are at any given moment.


International transportation

Our core business is road transportation to and from Russia, the CIS countries and Europe. Our offices in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Poland, Germany, Spain, Netherlands and Turkey are staffed by competent, well-trained logistics professionals. Our people are our greatest asset.

Our lean logistics approach offers you the following services to help reduce your costs:

  • We transport your product on the the optimal route to reduce lead times.
  • We can store, load, cross-dock and consolidate.
  • Customs clearance in Poland, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.
  • Insurance of all cargo while in transport.

National transportation

Logistic company VESTA  fully optimises the existing infrastructures within Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan to carry ant type of cargo which does not require customs clearance.

Our clients enjoy the benefits of warehouse consolidation and a highly developed urban freight infrastructure.


Oversized cargo

 We employ a range of measures to ensure your goods will arrive on time and in optimal conditions. We arrange the necessary permits and we plan your route.

Logistic company VESTA  is constantly in touch with the relevant road service bodies to faciltate this type of operation. Emergency deliveries are exceptional and are, therefore, treated exceptionally.



Logistic company VESTA  provides a  groupage service within  Europe, Russia and the CIS countries.

We are experienced and trusted operators in the following areas:

  • Door-to-door transportation
  • Accurate meeting of deadlines
  • Regular  24/7 shipments
  • Delivery to stores and distribution centers belonging to the largest retail chains

A separate service which we offer is the transportation of  perishable goods in full compliance with temperature control requirements.


Liquid and bulk cargo

Our company has extensive experience in transportation of liquid and bulk cargo: cocoa mass, alcohol, edible oils, juice concentrates, petroleum products, fertilizers – this list is not exhaustive. We use tank containers, cisterns and flexitanks liners installed in 20-foot containers.


Hazardous cargo

All hazardous cargos are transported  with the ADR equipped and approved vehicles. All our drivers are trained in accordance with the European ADR Agreement . We regularly carry goods which are either subjuct to temperature control requirements or can be transported at ambient temperature.

Unfortunately, we do not transport  explosive materials or objects, radioactive materials,  materials with 1 and 7 hazard classifications.


Temperature – controlled goods

For the transportation of perishable articles, food-stuffs and  recyclable goods, we use trucks equipped with refrigerated and isothermal bodies.Refrigerator trucks allow you to maintain the set temperature within the  range of -25 to +25 º C.In isothermal trucks we transport cargos which are less sensitive to temperature regimes – canned food, drinks, beer, juices and other products.