Logistic company VESTA offers services for responsible storage, including temperature storage on storage space, equipped in accordance with modern requirements, in Poland, Moscow and Sankt – Petersburg.

General characteristic of warehouse complexes: 

  • “A” class warehouses
  • Modern warehouse equipment and technology
  • Automated warehouse management system (WMS)
  • 24 hours a day, without weekends and holidays
  • Integrated security system that includes 24-hour security, video surveillance system, centralized system for access control, emergency fire
  • Convenient location and high accessibility

We can offer services in responsible storage, cargo handling and cargo consolidation to our clients.

Responsible storage:

  • Placement and storage of the cargo on the shelves (address storage)
  • Control and monitoring of storage conditions and quality of goods
  • Development of optimal logistics solutions for optimization of costs
  • Cargo insurance

Cargo handling:

  • Loading – unloading works
  • Sorting of goods by articles
  • Selection and complete set of orders of any complexity
  • Marking, packing, repacking
  • Stickering
  • Palletizing of goods

Additional services:

  • Disposal of the goods (damage)
  • Full and custom inventory conduction
  • Execution accompanying documentation
  • Providing reports about the movement of goods and commodity rests
  • Assembly of orders for Federal chain stores and sending (including with observance of a temperature mode) in hypermarkets and to the Distribution centers in Moscow and in regions
  • Cross-docking